Designed by collectors, for collectors, Kingdom Sneakers is a limited-edition run of luxe sneakers.

The first signature Kingdom sneaker in white is the product of a handshake (over a couple of beers) between brothers Paul and Ross Meeuwsen and their close mate Greg Harris.

Sadly, prior to the release of the first shoe, Harris lost his life to mental illness, leaving the brothers vowing to continue his entrepreneurial legacy.

Hailing from Melbourne, the guys from Kingdom have certainly not compromised on craft, with each of the 990 pairs individually numbered and laser engraved. They also feature rare earth magnetised straps, electroplated gold accessories, full grain premium leather and a luxury cushioned innersole.

We love, live and breathe sneakers and always have. Sneakers are part of our personal history. They are linked to highs and lows of adolescence and, in part, they determine one’s status.

We were inspired by years of poring over catalogues, staring at the shelves of sneaker stores during the 1980s and 90s stocked with Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Troop, K-Swiss, British Knights, SPX, LA Gear, Converse and Fila.

We collected everything we could get our hands on, though unfortunately we didn’t keep everything.

Our interest in sneakers has always been about design. The shapes, lines, colourway and innovation always captivated us – from the introduction of the Nike air bag ‘Visible Air’ designed by Tinker Hatfield in 1987, to the Reebok Pump system designed in 1988 by Paul Litchfield and Design Continuum, all the way to the 2005 Adidas 1 with its embedded computer, which automatically and continuously adjusts the shoe’s cushioning. One thing we always felt was great about sneakers is that you can customise them. Make them more exclusive. So when we embarked on this journey we felt it was fitting that our product was exclusive and luxurious..